Serco Takes a Load Off!

A redesigned chassis for refrigerated trailers offering a weight saving of 580kg against the norm is now available in South Africa and already catching the eye of customers.

The new style chassis has been developed by Serco, one of the country’s leading truck and trailer building companies.

CEO Clinton Holcroft said following feedback from customers that further improving payload would be beneficial for transporters, Serco took one of its proven and trusted chassis, and redesigned it using high tensile steel and the latest 3d software analysis tools to reduce stress points … and the outcome is a winner!

“We finalised the design towards the end of last year and built a few prototypes which we put into the market. There has been quite a bit of interest and we have started picking up orders for the new chassis which is proving itself on the road already,” said Holcroft.

“I think the 580kg weight saving is significant and a huge achievement by our design team. At a fairly nominal cost clients can further improve payload by adding accessories such as aluminium rims and hubs.”

Holcroft said it was an exciting development for Serco which would give clients wanting to improve payload a tangible advantage. “Weight saving provides a little more tolerance in terms of weight distribution which is often a challenge. For instance, a truck or trailer might be within the overall permissible weight limitation but can end up slightly overloaded, depending on the load distribution. Weight reduction can help prevent this,” he added.

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