Serco new curtain sider with lightweight bonded ply floor

Serco’s decision to expand their offering into curtain-siders and van bodies on rigid vehicles recently, is paying dividends with a recent order from Universal Plywood (UP) for new tautliner truck bodies fitted with digitally printed curtains.

A tautliner is a generic name for a curtain-sided body which is used to carry a variety of different types of goods, which can be loaded or unloaded through opening of the side curtain. 

A key priority for these builds was to use a high wear coated birch ply flooring suitable for the loading of timber boards. A further enhancement was for these boards to be securely bonded to the steel underframe without the need for mechanical fasteners which tend to work loose over time causing water seepage and leading to possible damage to the floor and the load. The coated birch floor also offers a weight reduction compared to a conventional steel deck.  

UP is a bulk stockist and distributor of plywood and other types of engineered wood products for the construction, transport, marine and furniture industries, among others.

The prototype was successfully completed on two UP curtain-sider vehicles and is now available as an option for our dry freight customers.

At the same time as the tautliner deal, UP also bought two Serco flat decks with bonded WISA Trans Birch floors to add to their delivery fleet.

Patrick Hansen, Transport Industrial Specialist at UP, said his company was very happy with both the curtain siders and the flat decks. “We will review our needs again early in the new year and will confirm our transport needs after moving to our new 1 300m2 warehouse in Prospecton KZN.  Our intention is also to monitor the overall vehicle performance and market the concept,’ said Hansen.

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