Dry Freight Dry liner

Dryliner Body

  • State of the art injected foam technology reduces interior body temperature
  • Coated steel facings offer improved security
  • Improved durability and longevity (up to 40% increase)

Composite Body

  • Seamless to reduce water leaks
  • Smooth exterior for easy branding
  • Durable construction for extended life
  • Side walls incorporate ply or foam core
Dry Freight Composite body
Dry Freight Van body

Van Body

  • Single skin coated steel facings
  • Rivet free fastening of side facings to minimise water ingress
  • Low body weight for optimum payload
  • Various internal scuffs and accessories
  • Rear barn or rollover doors
  • Optional side or roll-up doors

Drop Side

  • Engineered for durability
  • Constructed from high strength steel
  • Superior paint coating for anticorrosion
Dry Freight Drop side
Dry Freight curtain sider

Curtain Side

  • Side or centre roof support (fixed or moveable)
  • Roof options include GRP, coated steel, PVC
  • Plain or printed side curtains
  • Various anti-theft options
  • Optional rear or rollover doors
  • Optional double stacking system
  • Optional quick opening system

Your Freight

Our vehicles carry almost any class of freight, safely and hygienically.

  • Groceries
  • Freight and general dry goods
  • Courier parcels
Dry freight - your freight

Customise your dry freight body

Options include roll over doors, double stacking, volume combinations, and a host of load securing solutions.