Serco sustainability initiatives include:

Sustainability Solar panels

Solar power

A total of 1029 solar power panels have been installed on the roof of Serco’s Durban factory and offices allowing the premises to be largely off the grid during the day. The R5m solar installation is part of Serco’s drive to reduce its impact on the environment.

Sustainability recycling

Recycling of paper and plastic

We have collection points for paper and plastic to ensure we recycle all packaging materials

Sustainability Clean water

Rainwater harvesting

We have water storage tanks for rainwater runoff from our factories. This is used for washing trucks and trailers to minimize use of this scarce resource.

Sustainability Leaf in sprocket


The Serco Protec Frostliner refrigerated vehicles have been recognised for thermal performance which contribute to a reduction in diesel and carbon emissions from cooling units.

Sustainability Manufacturing


We strive to minimize energy consumption during our manufacturing processes. We adopt an ethical approach to the disposal of any waste products generated. We consider recyclability of materials used during the design process.